First time in a transnational project for Comunità La Tenda

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Social Cooperative Comunità La Tenda (“The Tent” Care Community) is a well-established organisation in Foligno, Italy providing a range of services, with a focus on social and work re-integration of young people and adults from disadvantaged communities.

In September 2018, Comunità La Tenda joined the European Action for Employment in Recovery (EAER) project - a transnational partnership for innovation and exchange of good practice towards vocational training and integration in employment for people with problems related to addictions. The project also includes three other organisations from as many EU countries: Scottish Drugs Forum (UK), an NGO which is also the lead partner, Dutch Foundation of Innovation in Welfare 2 Work (Netherlands) and Agência Piaget para o Desenvolvimiento (Portugal).

For Comunità La Tenda this is the first experience of a transnational collaboration.  We joined the partnership wholeheartedly with enthusiasm, knowing that we can bring a range of knowledge in the area of addiction and social and work re-integration, but also with the will to learn from new organisations and different work methods and perspectives.

The project’s foundation – despite difficulties with different languages, geographical and long distances – has been based around the teamwork dimension and this been rooted in the cooperation of all partners.   

During the next few months, Comunità La Tenda will raise awareness of the project on a local level, organising training and information meetings called EAER Days that will be open to the public and local stakeholders. The first event is linked to CNCA (Coordinamento Nazionale delle Comunità di Accoglienza - National Coordination of Care Communities) national assembly, which will take place in October in the town of Spello, during which Italian organisations members of the CNCA will meet to discuss the politics and methods of work re-integration for disadvantaged people.

The project is a first experience of collaboration and exchange of experiences outside our national borders, which will contribute to the development of skills for professionals dealing with this topic, which we will disseminate locally and nationally.  EAER will allow Comunità La Tenda to build a trans-national profile and contribute to an increase our effectiveness in the way we address the social needs that are constantly evolving for our target groups.