Lockdown and substance abuse

Category: EU / EAER news

During the first lockdown, between March and May, a research was carried out in three European countries - Italy, Spain, Portugal - to investigate changes in substance use.

The research showed how individuals change their use behaviours first of all by adapting them to the different setting: it decreases the use of stimulants and the drugs normally used in social contexts, because their meaning and pleasure are lost, along with the context. It keeps and sometimes increases the use of cannabis, especially for those who live alone, while it decreases for those who live the lockdown in the family.

The increase in alcohol use is derisory, while the use of alcohol as a 'social drug' decreases. For 30% of respondents, the use of substances remained the same.

More info https://www.fuoriluogo.it/ricerca/lockdown/lockdown-e-uso-di-sostanze/#.X7fDaHhKhN1