The Community La Tenda (“The Tent”) Social Cooperative was officially set up in September 1981, as a volunteer experience, with the opening of a daytime shelter for drug addicts and marginalised people in the center of Foligno, Italy.

The Community - founded by a priest, Father Franco Valeriani, and formed by local volunteers - became an Association in April 1982. In the same year, the newly established Association created the Residential Community of S. Martino, based in a rural area near Foligno, for the recovery of drug addicts from all over the national territory. Among the 1980s and the 1990s the Community La Tenda joined the C.N.C.A. (N.C.C.R. - National Coordination of Communities for Recovery) and opened a new headquarter in Foligno, with the aim of improving social and work reintegration of drug addicts welcomed into the local reality.

The mission of La Tenda is to become aware of the social problems of the territory, to take action in order to promote bonds of solidarity among the citizens, and to provide adequate responses to the needs that emerge, using the available resources and collaborating with the social and health services. To this end, a constant and careful interpretation of the local context is carried out to succeed in being fully responsive and finding effective solutions to new urgencies.
With this in mind, the Community, in its almost thirty years of activity, has developed and implemented projects and services aimed at addressing various problems of minors and young people: from marginalisation and seropositivity to social and labour market exclusion, as well as to issues related to substances abuse.

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